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Carnival of Vevcani is held annually on The 13th toward the 14th  10-01-2013

Carnival of Vevcani is held annually on The 13th toward the 14th

The story begins just like any other love story. The best-looking bachelor was engaged to the best-looking maid in the village, before he went abroad to work. While working abroad, he fell and his face was disfigured. When he was to return to the village, the boy pleaded to his friends that they all should wear masks and hide their faces, so that his fiancée could get used to his hideous face more painlessly. As a result, the Carnival was born.For Vasilica (Orthodox New Year) nothing happens according a scenario or protocol. The entire village, the houses are part of the stage, and all people are actors or spectators. In the afternoon, two companies form: one from the upper hamlet and another from the lower hamlet, which meet in the village square and show off with their allusions. At the evening, they visit the houses and wish the people a happy new year. At daybreak, the Vasilicari (all the people that participate in the happening) again make a visit to the houses to congratulate the holiday to everyone with the name Vasil. In the afternoon, the Vasilica chaos ends with an oro (traditional folk dance) in the middle of the village, when all the masks are set on fire.


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